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17 May 2022 17:52


Birce Akalay made a nice surprise from the set of her Netflix series Mezarlık

Birce Akalay came to the screens with the Son Yaz series broadcast on Fox TV. The series made its finale at the beginning of the season and since then Birce Akalay has not been on the screen. The audience missed the actress a lot and expects her to return to TV series as soon as possible.

However, nowadays, the choice of the actress has been in favor of digital, not TV! It is not yet clear whether Birce Akalay will appear in a TV series in the near future, but the Mezarlık (meaning: Cemetery) series shot for Netflix is ​​also eagerly awaited.

Birce Akalay, who is in front of the camera with Olgun Toker, one of the successful actors in the series, is counting the days to come before the audience with a striking story. The actress is also very excited for her new series. She also reveals this excitement from time to time with her social media posts.

Finally, the actress, who published photos from the set of the series, made her followers very happy. Publishing the photo of the director of the series, Abdullah Oğuz, during the shooting, the actress also increases her interest in her new crime thriller series.

The series, whose shooting was carried out with great care, will be broadcast on Netflix as an original domestic series. Özden Uçar and Onur Böber write the script of the series, which will draw attention to the murder of women, which are the bleeding wounds of Turkey.

Birce Akalay will play a cop in the Mezarlık series. The actress dropped the note “Yes we did” while sharing her pose from the set with the names she played in the series.

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