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2 July 2022 14:47


Birce Akalay managed to make her own retirement plan at the age of 38!

Famous actress Birce Akalay, while continuing her promotional activities for her own brand jewellery, is also receiving new project offers. The actress, who last met with Oktay Kaynarca for the new ATV series, did not give a clear answer…

Birce Akalay, who is waiting for the digital series called Mezarlık (Cemetery) to meet with the audience after the announcement that her TV series Kuş Uçuşu (Bird Flight) will be broadcast on Netflix on June 3, is considering the possibility of shooting the second season of these two series. For this reason, the player does not want to sign an agreement that will bind her yet.

Stating that it was challenging for him to enter the trade, the actress stated that she had difficulty in adapting when she was constantly dealing with mathematics. “I am proud of myself for having made my own retirement plan at 38,” the actr esssaid.

Expressing that she was not good at mathematics during her school years, the actress said, “It is miserable, it is very difficult to adapt, but it is very enjoyable. But I am proud of myself for having made my own retirement plan at the age of 38.”

Birce Akalay, who explained that she put forward this project with the support of a female friend she loves and that a good process continues, explained that this idea was also formed during the pandemic process.

The actress, who created a different concept by transforming her own drawings into jewelry design, said that she received very good comments from abroad.

Birce Akalay, who also explained that she had to improve herself because she made the designs herself, stated that the fact that Turkish serials are watched abroad has a positive effect on her own brand.

Explaining that she received orders from many countries such as the Dominican Republic, the United States and Australia, Birce Akalay stated that she owed this to her recognition in many countries thanks to the TV series.

The actress said, “I hope to open my store abroad. This is my wish right now” and talked about one of her wishes.

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