While Engin Akyürek's Escape series is eagerly awaited, there will be a lot of talk with his new movie!
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30 November 2022 03:25


While Engin Akyürek’s Escape series is eagerly awaited, there will be a lot of talk with his new movie!

Engin Akyürek has been going through a fast period for a few seasons. The actor appeared on the screen for two seasons with the TV series Sefirin Kızı (The Ambrassador’s Daughter). Fans are eagerly awaiting his return to the screen. However, the actor continues to make a name for himself among the favorite actors of digital platforms and with brand new projects.

The successful actor was known for Yabancı Damat (Foreign Groom), one of the TV series that was broadcast between 2004-2007 and marked the screen. Then came the series Karayılan and Bir Bulut Olsam (If I were a Cloud).

The actor made his biggest debut with the TV series Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne (What’s Fatmagül’s Crime) The series, in which she starred with Beren Saat, was watched with great interest in many countries of the world after Turkey and is still being watched.

He played with Tuba Büyüküstün in her next TV series Kara Para Aşk (Black Money Love), and with this series, which is also one of the unforgettable productions of the screen, the actor had a great success especially in Latin American countries. Engin Akyürek is one of our successful actors who made his name known in the international arena.

As such, ambitious digital platforms do not leave Engin Akyürek! It is also the favorite actor of Disney Plus, which has recently entered the Turkish market. Engin Akyürek and İrem Helvacıoğlu starred together in the first series of Disney Plus, Kaçış (Escape), which will start broadcasting in Turkey as well as 42 countries on June 14. Akyürek is one of the ambassadors of the brand as the lead role in the first series of Disney Plus with this series.

Akyürek, who will continue to be one of the most talked about names this summer, with another series shot for Netflix as well as Disney Plus’s Escape series… The movie Yolun Açık Olsun (Your Way is Open), in which he shared the lead role with Tolga Sarıtaş, will be released on Netflix on May 23.

While Hakan Evrensel wrote the screenplay of the ambitious production, Mehmet Ada Öztekin, the director of the movie Yedinci Koğuştaki Mucize (Miracle in Ward Seven), sits in the director’s chair. The production of the project was undertaken by Lanistar Media and Same Film.

The film, which draws attention with its strong plot and successful cast, also includes names such as İlker Kızmaz, Belfu Benian, Alpay Kemal Atalan, Ergun Kuyucu, Ebru Nil Aydın and Özlem Çakar Yalçınkaya. The movie tells the story of two military friends.

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