Artists News [Birce Akalay] ‘s award rewards

[Birce Akalay] ‘s award rewards


The actress [Birce Akalay] who participated in the organization of the university in the Black Sea received the “Best Actress” award.

The actress who was awarded with the votes of one and a half million students attended the award ceremony.

The actress, who has been on many successful projects till today, is currently playing in [Black White Love].

[Birce Akalay] thanked the awarding students.

The actress’s speech was greatly applauded:

“Ignorance and hatred are the strongest weapons of evil in this world, and we can not defeat ignorance with hatred and othering, because then we will also have weapons to eliminate. Our tools must be freedom, knowledge and love. ”

The actress also continues to meet theater lovers under the direction of the great master [Müjdat Gezen] in the musical “7 Hubsands Hürmüz”, one of the classical works of Turkish theater.