Artists News Is [Berk Oktay] divorcing his wife?

Is [Berk Oktay] divorcing his wife?


It is claimed that [Berk Oktay] and [Merve Şarapçıoğlu], who do not give an image together, have a problem in their marriage.

According to [Hürriyet]’s report, [Berk Oktay] sat on the wedding table with [Merve Şarapçıoğlu], the lover in 2016. It was claimed that the couple, who did not give a vision together, wandered the dark clouds over their marriage.

[Berk Oktay] played last night’s Fenerbahce-Beşiktaş match “Everything is empty … We just love Besiktas … First love after mommy, one love. What you want to see is yours … Good night .. “Tweet has strengthened the claims.