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7 July 2022 04:05


‘Black Money Love’ series climax in Spain

The overseas adventure of ‘Black Money Love’ series, which is shared by TubaBüyüküstün and EnginAkyürek, continues.

The series, which has come to the screen in 107 countries to date and has broken export records with the high successes it has achieved in recent years, has recently started to be published in Spain.

In the evening we passed the first episode, he spoke in Spain with the high ratings he received on the TV series Nova, Spain’s leading television channel.

‘Black Money Love’, which met the Spanish television audience “Amor de contrabando”, made the first day of broadcast on the 28th of May with a share of 4.7%.

Again on Nova Tv’de aired on the ‘What is Fatmagül’s Crime? ‘Black Money Love’, which started broadcasting in a higher rate than the initial rating of the lineup, seems to affect Spanish audiences.

The images of the famous Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi in the form of ‘Black Money Love’ on the Barcelona team are being discussed in social media.

Messi, while sharing the videos of children’s videos on the TV screen in the background ‘Black Money Love’ images of the escape from the careful eyes.

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