Series News AsliEnver, expects the season final of series

AsliEnver, expects the season final of series


‘Bride Of Istanbul’ series will be the season finale on the evening of June 8th.

The shoot of the directory is still ongoing.

As always, she shares photos from her social media account from time to time.

Although she is sad that the audience will make the season finale, AslıEnver, loved by Süreyya, is looking forward to getting out of the busiest business environment as soon as possible.

She also wrote that the last episode she posted was “Last 5 days”, which means that the last episode was counted as a day to finish.

The followers of the series are most curious about whether Sureyya and Faruk’s dolls will come in the season finals.

Here is the episode of AsliEnver’s episode from the set of season finale shootings: