What is Fatmagül's Crime series changed the course of Turkish TV series in Spain!
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4 December 2022 04:55


What is Fatmagül’s Crime series changed the course of Turkish TV series in Spain!

One of our series that left its mark on a period, sold in many countries abroad and left great impressions in every country where it was broadcast, What is Fatmagül’s Crime… Beren Saat met in the lead role of Engin Akyürek.

Sina Kologlu, one of the columnists of Milliyet Cadde, mentioned his review article on Turkish TV series in El Pais newspaper in his column today. In this article, information about the admiration of Turkish TV series that continued after Spain, which discovered What is Fatmagül’s Crime, in 2018, is presented.

The Mother series is broadcast on Antena 3 channel and the viewing rates are also very pleasing. With an average of 12.9 views and the potential to reach 1.3 million viewers, the point where Mother has come is not surprising. The series Mother has made great progress in being the first Turkish TV series broadcast on an open channel in this country.

However, What is Fatmagül’s Crime series in Spain has the effect of reaching this point. Sina Koloğlu drew attention to the following detail in his article:

“Yes, unquestionably, the starting point for Turkish TV series to be known effectively is” What is Fatmagül’s crime? “… Maybe all of the above mentioned features are in this production. Indeed, the same thing happened in Spain. They discovered this project in 2018… Afterwards, let’s say the socks rip off. “

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