[Blaçk White Love] series is going well
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27 November 2022 14:48


[Blaçk White Love] series is going well

[Blaçk White Love] series latest news …

Audience is very happy….

The two main characters of the series are Aslı and Ferhat’s love life and the audience is pleased.

[Birce Akalay and Ibrahim Celikkol] are playing characters…

The viewers relaxed in the last part when the couple saw them happy.

Followers of the series want episodes full of love.

The screenwriters were writing episodes for separating the couple.

However, the situation changed in the last part and the couple merged.

Aslı and Ferhat’s baby excitement was a factor that increased the ratings.

The couple, who heard their baby’s heartbeat, was amazed at the viewer.

The opposite attitude of Aslı went well with everyone.

Aslı, who is afraid to lose Ferhat, is happier now.

Audience comments are as follows:

“What a sweetie!”,
“Asr’s attitude is great!”
“This episode was as if we wanted to see AsFer!”,
“This scene is the best!”,
“You always stay like this!”

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