Series News Objection to [Wounded Love]

Objection to [Wounded Love]


[Wounded Love] series latest news …

There criticism admiringly watched series in Turkey.

Due to the fact that the story starts to run out, the series is expected to finalize in May.

There are criticisms because the historical characters played on the line are not appropriate.

The revival made for the important name of the Turkish aviation industry, Vecihi Hurkus, received a great response.

There is no overlap between real life and the character on the run.

Historical facts are very different.

Vecihi Hurkus, who was shown as a struggle with the sneakers of the followers, was actually in the war in those days.

So the real hero is not in harmony with the animation on the series.

Criticism about the serial is increasing.

In addition, the series ratings began to fall.