Artists News Methods of protecting the psychology of Miray Daner and Berker Güven

Methods of protecting the psychology of Miray Daner and Berker Güven


Actor Berker Güven continues the chat program on youtube. The new guest was Miray Daner, his partner in the TV series Wounded Love. Berker Güven played the character of Aleksi in the series, and Miray Daner appeared before the audience as Hilal.

The program, whose income has been transferred to the Association of Ahbap to begin with those suffering from the coronavirus outbreak, also gives an important message on social responsibility. Berker Güven realized the 5th of his program.

Miray Daner admitted that she was afraid and very surprised by the coronavirus epidemic. The famous actress said, “The first week of the corona was doing nothing. Because of the astonishment of the event and the fear that does not know what to do. But now I’m so used to being at home.”

Miray Daner, who explained that she had created a schedule at home and spent her days accordingly, thanked her friend for considering such a program.

Berker Güven praised her friend, saying, “You look beautiful, you are beautifully prepared.” Miray Daner said, “I am decorated for you.”

Miray Daner, who explained that she was playing sports and reading a book because she was very sedentary at home, stated that she was trying to watch a series of movies. The actress, who also tried new recipes in the kitchen, stated that she danced at home and never left her empty.

Berker Güven stated that he did not spend the whole day at home with pajamas and gave everyone the following advice: “I prepare as if I will go out after having breakfast. I do what I am going to start doing. When the evening is over, I wear my pajamas and return to my home. It feels like I did something during the day.