Series News MirayDaner starts a new series

MirayDaner starts a new series


One of the biggest winners of the ‘Wounded Love’ series was MirayDaner, who gave life to the ‘Hilal’ character.

She was born in Istanbul on February 15, 1999 and started career in 2009 with ‘Gonca’ character named ‘Papatyam’ tv series.

Medcezir tv series draws attention in the actress, the main output in the two seasons, ‘Wounded Love’ series was obtained.

Mira Daner preparing for the new season very ambitious

This time she will be in the leading role, not in a new role.

The name of the TV series to be adapted from Japanese drama was set as ‘One Liter Tear’.

She will play her first lead with this string.

MirayDaner started looking for a male partner.

The series is about the life of a young spinal cord girl.