Big scandal in the Mother tv series!

13 July 2018 Friday, 19:34
Big scandal in the Mother tv series!

‘Mother’ tv series is currently being published in many countries around the world.

television series aired in Turkey in 2016, has seen great interest and many had spoken with the ratings.

The ‘Mother’ tv series was starring CansuDere, VahidePerçin, CanNergis, BerkayAtes and GoncaVuslateri.

Nowadays, a scandal arose many years later, especially in the Mother series, which was broadcast on several television channels in Latin America.

The father, who saw his son in the Mother’s tv series, complained.

It was alleged that the child actor in the series was played without permission from his father.

Meltem-MehmetAtilgan began to live separately in the years when the couple passed.

MeltemAtılgan wrote the child to a private acting agency.

At the age of 7 A., started acting on the Mother tv series.

In a few episodes, A., who was taking a small role, was noticed by his father who followed the series.

The father complained to the program authorities and spouse that the spouse had made money on her unaware child.

The investigation, initiated by the prosecutor’s office, revealed that the signing of the program was signed by the authorities of the program.

He explained that he did not throw the signature.

In the case of she; the husbamd said to herself, “You sign my place,” she said.

After the investigation carried out by the prosecutor’s office, the mother MeltemAtılgan was sued.

In the prepared indictment, it was determined that “MeltemAtılgan was guilty of fraud by signing instead of her husband in the contract”.

The case will be seen in the Criminal Court of First Instance in the coming days.

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