Series News There are new developments in ‘Woman’ TV series

There are new developments in ‘Woman’ TV series


The Woman tv series disappointed the spectators in the season finale.

The series, which failed to meet expectations, made the season final without facing Sarp and Bahar.

The followers made a lot of criticism after the season finale.

The viewers are still influenced by their disappointment.

However, the series began to get more and more missed and curious about the new season.

The comments are as soon as the new season comes and the series starts.

A picture was shared between the seasons a while back from the official instagram page of the ‘Woman’ TV series.

“We trust people, despite everything. Most of the time, you are disappointed “promise, who was asked about who said on the series.

In this sharing made to keep the audience’s excitement alive, the audience was given the message of “Trust us,” which is actually a big disappointment.

This time, another new share was made.

There is a stage in front of the Bahar and the children’s houses, where the stage takes place on the stage.

On stage, Doruk and Nisan are on the run to the Arif.

With this video, the audience is given the message “We missed you too”.