Bomb news that makes Almila Ada fans very happy!
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5 December 2022 06:42


Bomb news that makes Almila Ada fans very happy!

Famous actress Almila Ada is among the remarkable actresses of recent years. The actress, who attracts attention with her talent as well as her beauty, is also seen with her social media posts …

Ada, who succeeded in making sports and pilates a part of her life, is a name that is closely followed with her posts that educate and raise awareness of her followers. The actress has gained a unique place in the world of TV series that she started in 2014 …

Almila Ada made a good debut with the character of Nehir in the series A Part Of Me, and then as Lailin in the series Orphan Flowers. The actress, who has a special place in the career of Melis character in the A.K.A.: The Legend, attracted attention for the first time in this series.

The TV series Cennet stands as the best debut for Almila Ada. Although A Crazy Wind project could not achieve exactly the desired success, it was an important milestone in the career of the Island. The player, who had an important experience in Golden Cage series, which started in 2019 and made the final with the 16th episode in the autumn of 2020, will meet with her fans in a new project in 2021.

The actress, who was chosen as the leading actress in the series named Hacı Bayram Veli, partnered with Burak Sevinç. It is a remarkable detail that the new series that Tekden Film is preparing for TRT1 will tell the life of a very important name,

It is also an important development that the series designed by İsa Yıldız will be screened on the public broadcaster such as TRT1, which has recently opened up the mouth of the series.

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