The tactics of the Forbidden Fruit are taught as a lesson in the world of TV series!
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7 October 2022 10:16


The tactics of the Forbidden Fruit are taught as a lesson in the world of TV series!

The change that Forbidden Fruit, which started as a drama production, has gone through from its first days to these days is incredible … Besides, we should write aside the fact that it is a rising project in every period it reveals this change and it has not dropped any interest … Fans who hold on to the love of Alihan and Zeynep for a while, Yıldız ‘ It is another fact that they watched a completely different series in the last 2 seasons with the great change of s.

The Forbidden Fruit series was a series that made the transition from drama to absurd comedy. Because while continuing with the drama, in order for the audience to accept the absurdities experienced, a sauce of humor or exaggeration, caricatured characters were needed. Because it made this change, Forbidden Fruit continues its way as a strong production in its 4th season.

As of the 3rd season, Eda Ece’s Yıldız character stands out, and the exaggerated versions of Ender and Şahika characters also added color to the series. After 5 players have left as of the 85th episode; The participation of Berk Oktay, Erdal Özyağcılar and Gülenay Kalkan in the story was an important plus… Nilperi Şahinkaya was also included in the cast afterwards and although everything changed, the series managed to continue its way strongly.

The 5-year time jump experienced in the series the previous week and the developments afterwards are nothing but the tactics of keeping the attention high by the Forbidden Fruit. In the series, which adopts the slogan “The main thing is change, everything changes”, these change tactics are almost a lesson to the sector. When it is said that the Forbidden Fruit is over, the audience interest decreases, the team definitely starts a big wave of change and it is as if it is running the stopwatch from scratch.

The fact that Barış Kılıç, who left the series, will return to the reconstruction with the character of Kaya is a result of this wave of change and the drive to innovate… Do not say that it will not be in the Forbidden Fruit, everything will happen… This word keeps the series up and prevents the interest from falling.

It is a fact that Medyapım and the entire team of the series have done this very well. It is necessary to see the return of Barış Kılıç, who is eagerly anticipated, to the series as a part of this great wave of change. The drama has changed so much from the point where the rock character left off, let’s see how the character will react to this situation and what will be the changes in it? Here is another element of curiosity for you… Forbidden Fruit always does this…

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