OMG! Cansu is terrifying at the Yasak Elma! Who died? Who is injured?
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29 November 2022 10:05


OMG! Cansu is terrifying at the Yasak Elma! Who died? Who is injured?

The 108th episode trailers of the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Fruit) series broadcast on Fox TV on Monday evenings surprised the audience! It was on the agenda some time ago that a person would die and a person would be injured in the new episode of the series. Who these names were, could not be understood from the trailer, but a voice heard showed that there will be a big surprise in the new episode!

Last week, Kaya’s return to the series, played by Barış Kılıç, delighted the audience. It is thought that the relationship between Ender and Kaya will restart after this development, which surprised Ender, who was brought to life by Şevval Sam.

It is also noteworthy that Kaya underwent a change after Şahika called her brother to stir things up. Some time ago, there were rumors that the Ender character would be released from the series.

On top of all these developments, in the new episode, Cansu’s appearance with a gun in her hand and the shooting down of those who met at a small party stunned everyone.

After this incident, which happened after Yıldız said that she was pregnant with Çağatay, it was a matter of curiosity which leading role would go to the series!

Whoever shot Cansu is not yet known, but at the end of the trailer, the words of a person calling the ambulance and saying that one person was dead and one was injured also attracted attention.

There are also some backstage rumors about Şahika leaving the series. It is being talked about whether Nesrin Cavadzade or Şevval Sam will leave the series.

In the meantime, it is also stated on social media that Yıldız’s mother Asuman may have died. In episode 108, it will be revealed who died and who was injured, but it seems that the bullet from the gun in Cansu’s hand will cause a person to leave the series!

Here is the 108th episode trailer:

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