Gökhan Alkan's hope of Yasak Elma fans fell through!
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26 November 2022 18:45


Gökhan Alkan’s hope of Yasak Elma fans fell through!

Fans of the Yasak Elma (Forbidden Fruit) series had a hope. It was not a great hope, but it was being questioned whether it could be… This hope, which is sometimes expressed on social media, was about Gökhan Alkan’s return to the series …

The audience loved Gökhan Alkan, who said goodbye with Talat Bulut, who played the character of Halit Argun in the 85th episode of the Yasak Elma series. The actor, who gave life to the character of Kerim, was almost a heartbreak for many fans.

Following the return of Barış Kılıç, who gave life to the character of Kaya in the story of the Yasak Elma series, many TV series fans shared messages stating that they wanted Gökhan Alkan to return to the production by campaigning on social media.

However, it was also known that the player received many offers. Returning was also unlikely. However, there is no such possibility anymore. Because Gökhan Alkan made a new series deal.

It turned out that the famous actor has agreed for the new series of ATV, whose preparations are ongoing. Alkan preferred this series among the many offers he received and determined his route in the new season. Yasak Elma notebook was also closed forever.

As it is known, the love of Gökhan Alkan and Nesrin Cavadzade also started on the set of Yasak Elma series …

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