Series News Börü nominated TV series is very popular with the quality

Börü nominated TV series is very popular with the quality


Star TV is not in the ratings, but the reaction of the new series started as a bomb in terms of reactions to the second chapter of the trailer was discussed.

The second part of the episode, starring Ahu Türkpençe, Serkan Cayoglu, Emir Benderlioglu and Fırat Güvenuloğlu, will arrive on screen on Wednesday, March 7 at 20:00.

The directory is the director of Mountain II, which breaks the box office records, and Alper Caglar ‘s project, which increases the expectations for the sequencing a bit more in each department.

Börü inspired from real events in the recent history of Turkey, 1 hour will consist of six sections and will make the final on the big screen. The exciting project was the first 1 hour mini-series of special channels.

Although the ratings of the week we passed are not very bright, everyone who likes the social media has a great voice.

The comment on the 2nd episode of the series titled “White as Snow” was commented.

Audience for the series; “It is very sad that such a beautiful production is only 6 episodes!” “I think it should be a very high quality production!”, “Work is good unfinished love sequences ending, thanks Börü! “comments made.

We will all see together how the ratings of the 2nd episode will be,

The 15th place on the trend video list on YouTube, the trailer has increased the excitement for the new episode.

Here is the second part of the trailer: