Series News Arif’s jacket on the women’s television series has created an agenda in social media

Arif’s jacket on the women’s television series has created an agenda in social media


Özge Özpirinçci, Caner Cindoruk and Bennu Yıldırımlar in the lead role  taking.

One of the biggest factors in the popularity of women’s television series is Arif Characters.

Like Enver, Arif is a person who is beside Bahar against all the difficulties he has experienced. Arif, who is in love for Bahar’a, throne in the audience with his attitude, which protects him in the neighborhood and is also closely related to his children.

After the emergence of Sarp in the social media, the followers often continue to comment on what Arif did for Bahar and make it ‘turn around’.

We will all see together how Arif and Bahar, who give great effort for spring and wrap their children, will come together, but now Bahar is aware of the situation too. Arif is much closer to Bahar.

So much so that the return of Bahar to the neighborhood with the children made him very happy.

There was another remarkable situation in the section published this week.

In social media, it was about Arif’s jacket that was much talked about.

Since the beginning of the episode, Arif has always been wearing the same dark brown and worn leather coat.

“Arif got a jacket for this guy!”, “Arif got the money to buy a jacket!” “That jacket changed at last,” “Jacket has been inherited from his absolute mother. “,” As for spring, the jacket has been defeated “, many commentators have made many comments regarding the change of Arif’s jacket.

Meanwhile, audiences, who are at the forefront of having 11 episodes of the original of the episode, are expressing their concerns about the women’s episode in the social media.