Both Kubilay Aka and Yasemin Allen can become a phenomenon with the series Dokuz Oğuz!
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3 February 2023 15:02


Both Kubilay Aka and Yasemin Allen can become a phenomenon with the series Dokuz Oğuz!

Kubilay Aka and Yasemin Allen are in the lead roles of the TV series Dokuz Oğuz, which will meet with the audience on Saturday, January 28, on Fox TV. You will also find important names such as Deniz Işın, Dağhan Külegeç and Tuncer Salman in the cast of the series.

The series, which tells the events of a special operations team consisting of 9 people, stands out as a story dedicated to the national unity and solidarity of Turkey. Like the soldier’s series Al Sancak, which just started this season, Dokuz Oğuz will present a powerful story through the heroism of the Turkish soldier.

In addition to the shootings in Ankara, the shooting area of the series Dokuz Oğuz will spread over a wide geography, with the shootings to be held in cities such as Istanbul, Bilecik and Afyon. Shooting in mountainous and rough terrains also brings significant challenges for players.

You will watch Kubilay Aka and Yasemin Allen as the most important characters of this series. Kubilay Aka, in the character of Captain Batur Karanlık, at the head of the Dokuz Oğuz team, will surprise his fans again.

Kubilay Aka, one of the most remarkable talents of recent years and who has successfully revealed very different characters, also claims to create a phenomenal character this time.

It is known how intense the interest of the audience is for the TV series that tell the heroic story of the Turkish soldier, and at this point, it would not be surprising that the new project called Dokuz Oğuz also attracts a lot of attention.

You will also see Yasemin Alen as Colonel Tomris in the series. For Allen, who is known for her success in action projects, her new role may also bring an opportunity to become a phenomenon.

For both Kubilay Aka and Yasemin Allen, it seems that this new TV series project will mean a lot to their careers.

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