Series News Both the story and the cast have been renewed, a show of strength from Adım Farah!

Both the story and the cast have been renewed, a show of strength from Adım Farah!


The Fox TV series named Adım Farah (My Name is Farah) will meet its fans again with its 15th episode, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, September 27th. There is a large fan base waiting for the series, which has been strengthened both in terms of story and cast before the second season.

Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek, the two leading actors of the TV series Adım Farah, which received great support from Turkish TV series fans abroad, became a series couple that the audience very much wanted to see on the screen again.

The eagerly awaited new season poster of FOX’s popular TV series Adım Farah has been shared. The poster shared from the series, which will meet the audience with the first episode of its new season on September 27, signaled that Adım Farah will be talked about a lot this season as well.

The ambitious poster shared from the series excited the fans of Adım Farah and received great appreciation on social media. Behind-the-scenes images from the second season poster shooting of the series have also been published. Viewers made very positive comments about the fun attitude of the team.

There will also be new names in the cast of the series. Along with Feyyaz Duman, Hatice Aslan, Sera Kutlubey, Burak Tamdoğan stand out as the famous names included in the cast this season.

The ambitious cast of the series consists of the following names: “Demet Özdemir, Engin Akyürek, Fırat Tanış, Feyyaz Duman, Senan Kara, Lale Başar, Hatice Aslan, Sera Kutlubey, Burak Tamdoğan, Rastin Pakhanad, Mert Doğan, Derya Pınar Ak, Kemal Burak Alper, Burcu Türünz and Mustafa Avkıran.”


The series, which was an indispensable part of Wednesdays last season and made a name for itself with its powerful story, will be breathtaking with its story this season as well. Tahir, who was imprisoned because Mehmet fell into a coma, encounters a completely different Farah when he is freed.

Farah, captured by Behnam, tries to convince Tahir that she wants a divorce, afraid to death of Behnam and what he might do. The life that has been cruel to him since his childhood and turned him into a monster; It went well for Tahir for a while, thanks to Farah and her son, as if his luck had smiled on him.

This is the dream of a peaceful home, a happy family, and a woman who loves him. Will he now let this dream shatter?