Breaks from the Teşkilat series are increasing! The situation is starting to get alarming!
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2 December 2022 12:08


Breaks from the Teşkilat series are increasing! The situation is starting to get alarming!

TRT1’s ambitious series, Teşkilat, started to come to the screen in March last season. While the screen harmony of Deniz Baysal and Çağlar Ertuğrul, the leading actors of the series, was appreciated, the project also drew attention with its action scenes. TRT’s popular series also managed to catch a big break in the first season.

The Teşkilat, signed by Tims&B Productions, is the product of a great effort and a long preparation process. With its story and meticulous realistic fiction, it succeeded to become a production liked by the audience. The Teşkilat, which is an action, intelligence and drama genre that deals with the private life as well as the business life of a special team working in the National Intelligence Organization, had a boned audience.

However, with the second season, disconnections from the audience began in the continuing episodes of the series. It is also seen in the latest rating tables that the interest in the series, which overtakes its rivals with its double-digit ratings, is slowly decreasing.

With the rapid rise of the Judgment series, especially on Sunday evenings, a situation that shook the Organization began to emerge in the ratings. In the EU and ABC+1 categories of the Yargı, it is seen that the Teşkilat has achieved the previous ratings.

But the rise of the Yargı is also a manifestation of the disgrace of The Teşkilat! Another factor that caused the audience to move away from the series is Fox TV’s popular new entertainment program “Maske Kimsin Sen?”

How long the viewer’s detachment from the Teşkilat series will take will determine the course of the scenario, but the decrease in interest compared to the first season is a development that worries those who follow the series. The story and the fiction are considered more successful by many viewers than the first season. Still, the ratings are down.

After the 29th episode ratings were low, the eyes are now on the 30th episode. Another exciting episode awaits the audience. Let’s see if there will be a recovery in the episode ratings that will be screened half evening (Sunday, January 16th).

Here is the first trailer from the highly anticipated 30th episode of the series:

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