The Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey series showed right and hit left! The reaction from the audience did not take long!
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1 April 2023 08:02


The Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey series showed right and hit left! The reaction from the audience did not take long!

Fox TV’s Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey series, which is broadcast on Tuesday evenings, makes the channel smile with its evening ratings, which include the most ambitious series on the screen. While the acting of the series, which has 15 episodes so far, is appreciated, the blending of drama and comedy in the story is a detail that pleases the audience.

The production, which brings together strong names with their acting, puts a tough test against two ambitious productions such as Innocents Apartment and Destan on Tuesdays but takes a considerable place in the rating table with the bone audience.

Due to the recent increase in coronavirus cases, work on many TV series has been stopped. A similar situation occurred on the set of All About Marriage. Gökçe Bahadır, one of the leading actors, was among the names caught in corona.

The new episode of the popular TV series, which also includes Sarp Akkaya, Yiğit Kirazcı, Gökçe Eyüboğlu, Sumru Yavrucuk and Tülin Ece, was eagerly awaited. The series, which was suspended for two weeks after the New Year, was also featured on the Twitter page of the series, where the 15th episode will be published this week.

However, the viewers, who could not see the series on Fox TV during the week, expressed their reproaches on social media. No explanation was made, but it was announced that the 15th episode, together with the new episode trailer, will be broadcast on Tuesday, January 18 at 20:00. Thus, the series took a break for 3 weeks.

In the shared trailer, Azra will be deceived once again by Sergen… The tricks Sergen used to avoid divorce will eventually drive Azra crazy… Azra, who insults Sergen in the courtroom, goes crazy.

Gökçe Bahadır has also been talked about a lot lately with the character of Matilda in the Netflix series Club. It is understood that 2022 will be very good as well as 2021 to the player who has accomplished successful works.

The series, which has been published 14 episodes so far and which makes its fans impatient as it has not been on the screen for a while, has a strong story and an effective cast.

Here is the first trailer from the 15th new episode of the TV series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey:

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