It turned out why the Kaderimin Oyunu was not published!
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1 April 2023 07:22


It turned out why the Kaderimin Oyunu was not published!

Kaderimin Oyunu series, broadcast on Star TV screens on Friday evenings, was able to get 4 episodes on the screen. After the shooting of the series, which was given during the new year, began, the new episode date was announced. The 5th episode of the series was going to be screened on Friday, January 14th, but those who were waiting for the new episode were disappointed!

The series, starring Öykü Karayel, Sarp Apak and Akın Akınözü, is a production that won the appreciation of the audience with its story and acting. It is also interesting to see Öykü Karayel returning to the screen after a long hiatus.

At the same time, as the second lead role of Akın Akınözü, who gained a great reputation with the Hercai TV series, the Game of My Destiny is a remarkable production. It was a nice surprise for the audience to see Sarp Apak in the drama after the comedy.

For now, the ratings of the series are going well among other ambitious productions that come to the screen on Friday evenings. The series, which took a break for another week after New Year’s Eve, was expected to broadcast a new episode on January 14, but due to an unexpected situation, the series was not broadcast!

The reason for this situation emerged later. After Sarp Apak’s statement on social media, the reason for the sudden change emerged. As a result of the statement made by Star TV, it was understood that the shootings stopped due to the coronavirus!

It was learned that the person who caught the virus was Sarp Apak. It was understood from social media that the player’s test was positive and that he was in quarantine.

Apak warned his fans by saying, “Unfortunately, despite all the precautions we have taken, I also caught the disease in the last wave.”

While the actor expressed his sadness for not broadcasting the series, he also gave suggestions to his fans. Apak made the statement, “I apologize on behalf of myself and my team”.

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