“Maraşlı did not die, he lives in our hearts!” Burak Deniz's message once again sighed for the Maraşlı series!
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1 April 2023 07:12


“Maraşlı did not die, he lives in our hearts!” Burak Deniz’s message once again sighed for the Maraşlı series!

Maraşlı series has become one of the most unlucky TV series on the screens! Unlucky because, despite making the final, it still came to an end that no one liked! When the ratings of the series did not satisfy the ATV channel, the final was made early. For the 26-episode series, the channel decided to end it when the ratings did not reach the desired level, but the audience’s criticism from the social media still continues.

Although not on the screen for even one season in total, the Maraşlı series will continue to stand in a completely different place in the memory of the audience! It is a production that still preserves its place in the hearts even months after the final decision, which made the audience feel ‘hot’.

This is true not only for the main characters of the series, Alina Boz and Burak Deniz, but also for the entire audience. It is possible to see this in the comments made on social media. Some news that consoles the audience, who find the final decision about the series unfair, is at least “Maraşlı is not dead, he lives in our hearts!” it’s like saying!

For those who want to watch the series again or those who have never watched it, there was a good development from the Maraşlı series during the week. Maraşlı is on the screen again with its reruns.

Alina Boz for the role of Mahur and Burak Deniz for the role of Maraşlı are so identified with the characters they portray that it will be difficult for the audience to see them in other TV series for a long time! The screen compatibility of the duo is indisputable!

It is understood that he left a great mark in the series, with the sharing of Burak Deniz on his social media account. Deniz, with his messages, almost congratulated the return of Maraşlı to the screen, albeit with reruns, on the same day.

The story of Mahur and Celal was told in the series signed by TIMS&B Productions. The series started to come to the screen again on Tuesday evening. It will be broadcast on the A2 channel every day of the week at 22:20.

Even its repetitions attract great attention from the audience. An unmissable opportunity has arisen for those who miss Maraşlı, want to watch it again, and those who haven’t seen it before but heard a lot!

On the same evening, Burak Deniz almost enchanted the audience with his messages!

Deniz showed his loyalty while stealing hearts once again with the interpretation of “Have a good audience, the flower of my two eyes” for Maraşlı, who returned to the screen.

This comment by Burak Deniz received hundreds of responses. While the audience welcomed this good news with joy, Burak Deniz also crowned the first year of Maraşlı’s appearance with the heart emoji he added to the note “Maraşlı is one year old”.

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