Bülent İnal acts the leading role, TRT's very ambitious Mevlana series sounds like a bomb!
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1 December 2022 07:34


Bülent İnal acts the leading role, TRT’s very ambitious Mevlana series sounds like a bomb!

The shooting of the TV series Mevlana, which was prepared for the digital platform of TRT, continues. While Timuçin Esen was expected to take the lead role at first, it was later revealed that Bülent İnal would act the role of Mevlana.

Bülent İnal took his place in another historical production, this time after his magnificent performance in Payitaht Abdülhamid series, which lasted for five seasons. The life of Mevlana is told in the series, which continues to be shot on a special plateau prepared in Konya.

The producer of the series, which was carried on with great care, became a movie called Kale… Famous names, each more famous than the other, who came together on the plateau in Konya, put a lot of effort into the story set in the 13th century. In addition to the great effort spent on the decorations, the accessories and costumes emerged as the product of a very intense effort.

In addition to Bülent İnal, in the series; There are important names such as Kaan Yıldırım, Ahu Türkpençe, İlker Aksum, Ushan Çakır, Levent Can, Devrim Özkan. It is among the information that the shooting of the series continues at full speed.

It is stated that the shooting of the series will continue until May. Ertuğrul Gazi character will also take place in the series. The name chosen for this character was Sedat Mert. In addition, Ali Nuri Türkoğlu will portray the character of Şeyh Edebali.

With the addition of two new characters, the series team continues to work intensively under the direction of Can Ulkay. As much as the story of the series, for which Ali Aydın wrote the screenplay, the results of the production works made to reflect that period are also very curious.

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