Artists News Burak Deniz found the love he was looking for in his colleague!

Burak Deniz found the love he was looking for in his colleague!


Actor Burak Deniz, whose name has been known by many names, was seen in Etiler with Deniz Işın, an actor like himself.

According to the news of Onur Aydın from Habertürk Newspaper; Burak Deniz and Deniz Işın, who had a dinner together at a venue, were seen waiting for a taxi at the exit. The duo could not hide their surprise when they noticed the members of the press.

Burak Deniz turned to Deniz Işın and said, “Come in if you want.” After saying that, he gave interviews to reporters.

Expressing that they are friends with Deniz Işın, Burak Deniz said, “Isn’t there anyone in your life?” He answered the question: “No, at the moment, I only have work in my life.”

On the other hand, it was learned that Burak Deniz and Deniz Işın were very sincere in the venue.

Later, Burak Deniz went to Deniz Işın and took a taxi after the journalists left the venue. The duo, who went to Cihangir from Etiler, frequently checked their surroundings.

According to the news in the magazine press, the duo, stuck in traffic in Beşiktaş, fell in love when they saw that there were no reporters. Deniz Işın rested her head on Burak Deniz’s shoulder. Burak Deniz returned to his home in Kuruçeşme after leaving Deniz Işın in Cihangir.

Actress Deniz Işın starred with Hülya Avşar, Mehmet Aslantuğ and Deniz Çakır in the latest series of Fox TV’s Masumiyet (Innocence). On the other hand, the series “Bizden Olur Mu”, in which the actress starred with Sarp Bozkurt, began to be broadcast on BluTV last month.