Series News Perihan Savaş, who was remembered with the Çukur series, returns to the series again!

Perihan Savaş, who was remembered with the Çukur series, returns to the series again!


Perihan Savaş, one of the master actresses of Turkish cinema, is also one of the most productive artists in the TV series world. Perihan Savaş, who took part in the latest series of El Kızı, returns to the sets again without opening the door too much.

The master actress Perihan Savaş took a role in the last TV series El Kızı. The El Kızı series, starring Sevda Erginci and İsmail Ege Şaşmaz, ended with its 13th episode. Perihan Savaş played the character of Cavidan Bozdağlı in the TV series El Kızı. Only two months after the end of the series “El Kız” broadcast on Fox TV, the master chose the actress for the same channel again.

Perihan Savaş joined the cast of the TV series Kapımdaki Düşman (The Enemy at My Door=, which will be shot by Med Yapım for Fox TV. Perihan Savaş, Hatice Şendil and Sera Kutlubey will portray the three main female characters of the series. İsmail Demirci will accompany these three women.

Perihan Savaş will appear in the new series as Şahika, the mother of Ceyda, played by Hatice Şendil. Şahika, who has two grandchildren, does not like her son-in-law Doruk at all and puts up with him for family unity. Damla, played by Şahika, Ceyda and Sera Kutlubey, will be the three main characters in the series. D

amla, Ceyda’s next-door neighbor and friend, is actually the enemy at her door… Because Doruk and Damla are having a secret love. İsmail Demirci will also give life to Doruk, who is between three women.

Perihan Savaş, 64, has been acting for almost 60 years. Perihan Savaş started acting at the Istanbul City Theater when she was only five years old. She took part in many theater plays and around 120 feature films such as Perihan Savaş, Karakolda Ayna Var, Yanık Koza.

Perihan Savaş played the mother of Ferhunde, played by Deniz Çakır in the unforgettable Yaprak Dökümü series. She wrote the character of Sultan Koçovalı, which she gave life to in the Çukur (Pit) series, among the unforgettable.