Pınar Deniz took shape and the photographs were highly appreciated
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1 October 2022 09:46


Pınar Deniz took shape and the photographs were highly appreciated

Every step taken by Pınar Deniz, who experienced a turning point in her career with Kanal D’s Yargı (Judgment) series, is newsworthy.

Along with the popular production of Kanal D, the actress is currently the favorite of the producers. The actress was very popular with the ambitious and exciting lawyer ‘Ceylin’ character she portrayed in Yargı.

Pınar Deniz, who has 2.5 million followers on Instagram, also actively uses social media. The last posts of the actress, in which she dropped the note ‘Misleading moments series part 1’, were highly appreciated by her followers.

Pınar Deniz listed her photos taken at different times in a row on her social media account. The different and natural states of the actress received hundreds of thousands of likes and comments from her followers in a short time.

Her followers asked for the continuation of the photos by commenting on the actress’s post as “I hope this will be a long series”.

It was revealed that the famous actress had recently made a deal with Disney Plus. The new digital platform Disney Plus, which is expected to start broadcasting in June, has included many famous players. Pınar Deniz is one of these names.

It is said that the actress will play the lead role with Uraz Kaygılaroğlu in the TV series Star, which will be broadcast on Disney Plus. It is said that Pınar Deniz will play a serial killer in the series to be shot by BKM.

The character named ‘Yasemin’, played by Pınar Deniz in the series, is someone who acts during the day but turns into a serial killer at night.

The fact that those who perpetrate violence against women and children are victims of Yasemin will bring divine justice to the agenda in a sense, but it is obvious that the story will create a lot of controversy… The series is planned to be shot in the summer…

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