Artists News [Burak Özçivit] has turned his success into money!

[Burak Özçivit] has turned his success into money!


[Burak Özçivit] latest news …

The actor who earned $ 1.3 million from the ad he played last month was also the face of a clothing company. He won $ 600,000 more.

Actor, the search face of both series and movies and advertisements…

Fame beyond the borders of Turkey with domestic and foreign companies are chasing the actor.

In the past few years, the actor, who made $ 500,000 with Pepsi, $ 250,000 with Clear and $ 1.3 million with Emaar Square Mall, has also accepted a $ 500,000 offer from Altinyildiz.

Actor’s wife, (FahriyeEvcen) , is also close to domestic and foreign brands.

She, who plays in the commercials of a clothing brand like her husband, has also prepared collections for another company that she understands for 500 thousand dolars.

The well-known couple is also raising advertising bids from the Middle East for their presence.