Burak Tozkoparan broke new ground with his Destan series and he is very pleased!
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31 March 2023 07:38


Burak Tozkoparan broke new ground with his Destan series and he is very pleased!

Temur Tegin is one of the important characters in the TV series Destan, which was broadcast on ATV on Tuesday evenings. This character, played by the young actor Burak Tozkoparan, has been a very important role in the career development of the actor. Burak Tozkoparan, who gained a large fan base with the character of Ozan in the TV series “Paramparça” in 2014, became a phenomenon with the character of Ali Göktürk in the TV series Kırgın Çiçekler.

The actor, whom we watched as Cem Saruhan in TRT1’s popular TV series Tek Yürek, later gained important experiences in the TV series Gençliğim Eyvah and Menajerimi Ara. Burak Tozkoparan, who is one of the important names of Destan series with the character of Temur Tegin, said that he was very pleased with the series. Batuga’s other older brother Tegin, who is from Alpagu Han and was born from Ulu Ece, is a very good character and suits Burak Tozkoparan very well.

The actor said, “We are very happy, we are working with a very nice team. Our facilities are very good. Our design, decor, clothes, cast, crew, everything is really beautiful. We are doing this work together with people who really love their job.” The actor takes part in a period drama for the first time, thus breaking new ground in his career.

Destan series, which is shot on a wide plateau, also wins first place in the category of all people in the ratings. One of the influential productions of ATV, the series also pleased Burak Tozkoparan.

Stating that he is sure of a good job, the actor also spoke assertively, saying, “I can guarantee that it will be even better.” Explaining that being in Destan series is a very different situation in terms of his own career, the young actor used the following statements:

“I haven’t played a different character in a period drama before. That’s why I’m so excited. We had a preparation process. It has been a process where we have been trained. It is both about the history of this period, about the action, and about the riding. We worked at a very intense pace. During that time, the team got along very well. How lucky we are, what a nice team we are. Everyone is very helpful, so we are very lucky and very happy.”

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