Burcu Biricik, Nalan of Camdaki Kız, confessed; 'I'm crazy, I don't play oppressed women anymore!
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1 October 2022 10:41


Burcu Biricik, Nalan of Camdaki Kız, confessed; ‘I’m crazy, I don’t play oppressed women anymore!

Actress Burcu Biricik, who moved the audience from emotion to emotion with her character “Nalan” in Kanal D’s record-breaking TV series Camdaki Kız, was a guest on the YouTube program “Teras Noir”, prepared and presented by her fellow actresses Efe Tunçer and Meriç Ural.

Burcu Biricik made sincere confessions in the program. Burcu Biricik, who said that it was difficult for her to portray female characters who were oppressed and subjected to violence in the last period, stated that she would choose different female characters from now on.

Burcu Biricik participated as a guest in Kırmızı Oda series broadcast on TV8 right after the Fatma series she shot for Netflix and gave life to the ‘Boncuk’ character there. In the new season, the actress gives life to the character of ‘Nalan’ in Camdaki Kız.

The biggest common feature of the characters ‘Fatma’, ‘Boncuk’ and ‘Nalan’ is that they are women who are oppressed, subjected to violence, and battered at some point in their lives.

Burcu Biricik stated that it was difficult for her to portray these characters one after the other in the program; She said, “After a point you can’t get out of the role right away, there was a time when I got mad, after that point a little madness starts and you have a lot of fun.”

Actress; “From now on, I want to give life to women who have other problems in life, not those who are subjected to violence,” she explained.

The actress also said that she has a plan B to make money in business life; “However, I would like to act for the rest of my life for pleasure,” she said.

You can watch the entire Teras Noir Program with Burcu Biricik below;

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