If the 'Engin' character is dead in Yargı series, there is a section that will not watch the series!
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30 September 2022 10:03


If the ‘Engin’ character is dead in Yargı series, there is a section that will not watch the series!

Kanal D’s Yargı series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, once again gave the audience exciting moments with its last episode broadcast on Sunday evening.

In the series, where Pınar Deniz gave a magnificent performance in the character of “Lawyer Ceylin” and Kaan Urgancıoğlu in the character of “Prosecutor Ilgaz”, the prominent name of the last weeks was undoubtedly Onur Durmaz in the role of “Engin”…

The intrigues of Engin, who is İnci’s murderer, surprised everyone. However, it seems that there will be developments that will create even greater surprise in the new chapter in the story. In the finale of the Sunday evening episode of the series, Ceylin kills someone and who this person is will be revealed in the new episode to be broadcast on Sunday, December 19th.

Looking at the progression of the story, it seems very likely that the person Ceylin killed was Engin. However, the audience does not want the ‘Engin’ character to say goodbye to the series so early.

The comments made under Onur Durmaz’s latest Instagram post show this. Talented actor by sharing the following; ‘Cities are the most AI prisons; They make up their mind to escape every night and expertly delete it every morning’.

Under the actor’s share by his followers; Many comments were made, such as ‘If you die, I will not watch Yargı’, ‘I hope you are not dead’, ‘Please stay out of the drama’.

There were also many followers who asked the actor if he was dead. Ceylin will be thrown to a completely different point in the 14th episode of the series, whose script was written by Sema Ergenekon. Engin’s death also means the end of one period in the story and the beginning of another.

Onur Durmaz’s successful Engin performance will always be remembered, but with this separation, the audience will follow with great excitement where Yargı series will be thrown.

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