Artists News Burcu Özberk gave a signal about singing for the first time!

Burcu Özberk gave a signal about singing for the first time!

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Aşk Mantık İntikam TV series team came together for fun in the midst of hard work. It was also revealed that some actors sang at this fun meeting.

When Burcu Özberk, who took the lead role with İlhan Şen in the series, sang on the stage, comments began to be made that her voice was very beautiful… Journalists also reminded the famous actress of her friends’ compliments about her voice.

Burcu Özberk stated that they did an activity where they sang and had fun. The actress was asked if he had any idea of ​​doing a professional work on music. Özberk said, “As long as I get an education, anything can happen. You think, you dream, but taking action is another thing. I’m younger, why not later on, ”she said. These words were recorded as the first sign that the famous actress would be able to make a professional effort in singing by getting her education in the future.

Expressing that she admires the music of the 1990s and that this period of her growth is special, Burcu Özberk is a Tarkan fan most of all.

The actress, who grew up in a small family environment in Eskişehir, said that she longed for the music of the 1990s. The actress said, “We are longing for such music. All my favourites. We don’t remember what is stolen. The 90s were such a time. We were fans of all of them, Tarkan was always different for us.”

The actress, who was also talked about with her social media posts, was asked about criticism from her followers. Burcu Özberk reminded that the coin has two sides and explained the following:

“There are two sides of the coin in life, positive and negative. There is a dark side and there is a light side. I’m not doing anything just to have done it. Whatever I feel at that moment, that’s why I do it. I don’t want to talk much about social media right now.”