Büşra Develi got full marks from the audience for her role in Erkek Severse!..
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9 December 2022 12:20


Büşra Develi got full marks from the audience for her role in Erkek Severse!..

The new series of digital platform Bein Connect’s new series, Erkek Severse, was showcased recently.

There are successful names such as Alperen Duymaz, Büşra Develi, Yasemin Allen, Tolga Güleç, Çağrı Çıtanak, Asena Tuğal, Ece Özdikici, Aslı Sümen, Bahar Süer, Kayra Orta, Berkay Celal Çetin, Rüzgar Can, Seren Deniz Yalçın, Ayşe Dudu Özdemir, Tahir Yılmaz and Tuana Gizem Uzunlar are in the cast of the series, which the audience is eagerly waiting for.

The beautiful actress Büşra Develi appears in front of the audience for the first time in the role of mother in Erkek Severse. The actress won the admiration of the audience with her character “Zeynep” with two children.

The comments made under Büşra Develi’s latest post from her Instagram account show that the audience liked Büşra Develi’s performance.

Comments were made on the actress’s post by her fans, such as ‘Great acting in your Erkek Severse series’. In the series directed by Ömür Atay and written by Aslı Zengin, Büşra Develi gives life to the character of “Zeynep”, who lives with her two children, Kağan and Arda.

Zeynep is divorced from Oktay (Görkem Sevindik), whom she married with great love during her university years, because she was cheated on. Zeynep loses her faith in men and closes her heart to love. Until he met Kenan (Alperen Duymaz).

Zeynep stands on her own feet by working as an assistant in a clothing company in the romantic comedy series; She will warm the hearts of the audience with her devoted, helpful and emotional character.

Closing her heart to love, Zeynep meets with Kenan (Alperen Duymaz), the favorite of all women, and her life will change as if she had touched a magic wand.

Kenan Acarsoy is one of the successful businessmen of the country. Kenan, a single, handsome, charismatic, intelligent, sporty, helpful man, has many women after him, but it is not easy to win his heart.

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