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23 May 2022 16:57


Çağan Irmak, the director of unforgettable TV series, has determined his next project after Yeşilçam!

Çağan Irmak, the beloved director of almost all of the films and TV series he has signed, is getting ready to do a great job again with his new project. The director, who still continues his Yeşilçam series, which he shot for BluTV, started preparations for his new project.

According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş, famous director Çağan Irmak will shoot his new project for Netflix. Preparations have already begun for the series, which will consist of eight episodes. There is not much information about Çağan Irmak’s new project.

According to the very limited information received, the famous director will shoot the series under the production of 03 Medya. The project will be an eight-part mini-series. There was no information about the content and actors of the series.

One of Turkey’s most successful directors, Çağan Irmak has garnered great acclaim with every project to date. The 51-year-old director had his directorial experience in 1998 with the series Mahallenin Muhtarları. Afterwards, he produced very successful TV series such as Günaydın İstanbul Kardeş, Şaşıfelek Çıkmazı.

He made his biggest debut with the TV series Asmalı Konak, which he shot in 2002 and starring Nurgül Yeşilçay and Özcan Deniz. Yeşilçam series, directed by Çağan Irmak, continues on BluTV.

The series, starring Çağatay Ulusoy, takes the audience to Yeşilçam of the 60s. The series, which is highly acclaimed for its music, acting, costumes and decorations, will end with its second season. After Yeşilçam, Çağan Irmak will start his new project for Netflix.

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