Artists News CaglarErtuğrul’s greatest passion appeared!

CaglarErtuğrul’s greatest passion appeared!


On Star TV Saturday night, “Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters’, ÇağlarErtuğrul, who played the character of Yağız, was understood to be a complete watch and hat buff.

In the interview published on NTV, the famous actor told that David Beckham likes fashion and sports style most of all about clothing.

The Young Player also confessed that he was a full-time watchmaker and a hat-hitter, especially when he was paying a lot of money for hours that were too expensive. ÇağlarErtuğrul, “The hours I get are very expensive. He’s got a little bit of trouble in that. ”

Meanwhile, the municipality is more inclined and likes to be involved in comedy-like affairs, and the actor has accepted the role in the movie, ‘Ailecek Şaşkınız’.

He also said that working with two professional names like MuratCemcir and AhmetKural added a lot to him.

Speaking about fashion, actor also expressed that he wanted to be ambitious but he pulled out: “I want to walk in the street, but I am afraid of future interpretations.”

He also expressed that he liked to be in a style rather than pursuing fashion individually, and he noted that he was careful to be clean and orderly before anything else.

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