Can Yaman announced on social media that the shooting of his new series has started!
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27 September 2022 07:17


Can Yaman announced on social media that the shooting of his new series has started!

Can Yaman, who has been in Italy for a long time, is now settled in Italy. The audience was eagerly waiting for the ‘Sandokan’ project of the actor, who signed many agreements in the country. The young actor has learned both the title of horse riding lessons and the intricacies of martial arts for the series for months, but news has come that the shooting of the ‘Sandokan’ project has been postponed to next year.

Before Can Yaman fans had a chance to get upset over this news, news came from the actor that he had signed a new huge deal in Italy. It has been announced that Can Yaman will play the lead role with the famous Italian actress and model Francesca Chillemi in the new TV series project Violet Like the Sea, which will be shot in Rome and Palermo and produced by Matilde and Luca Bernabei’s Lux Vide together with RTI.

Simona Tanzini’s Conosci l’estate? Adapted from the novel, the series contains both suspense and comedy elements. The shooting of the series started and Can Yaman shared the frame from the first shooting day with his followers on his Instagram account. Described as one of the most beautiful women in Italy and featuring Can Yaman’s leading role, Chillemi’s photograph, Can Yaman’s fans received thousands of likes in a short time.

Can Yaman will be on the set for the modern version of ‘Sandokan’ as of February 2022. Can Yaman will play in English in the new episodes of the TV series “Sandokan”, which has achieved great success in more than 85 countries. The handsome actor will thus perform in two consecutive languages, both Italian and English.

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