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6 July 2022 19:51


Can Yaman became the prince of hearts with his decision!

While in Turkey, the famous actor Can Yaman usually made an effort to carry out his aid activities in secret, and members of the press would notify these steps from time to time. Can Yaman, who has drawn a new career for himself in Italy since the fall of 2020, continues his preparations for the series Sandokan and is on a journey towards marriage with Diletta Leotta in his private life.

Returning to Italy after a holiday in Turkey the previous week, the actor was also on the agenda with the joy he showed for Italy, the champion in the European Football Championship. Now, the famous actor is on the agenda again with his own perfume brand Mania, which is on sale in this country.

Can Yaman, who does not only progress through acting to develop and solidify his career, but also tries to brand his popularity, also continues to win the hearts of his fans.

Can Yaman, who treats his fans warmly every time he meets them on the street, has already become the prince of hearts in Italy with this attitude.

The actor was also appreciated by everyone once again with his new decision… He rolled up his sleeves to help children in need with the income to be obtained from his perfume, which was only sold in Italy.

Can Yaman, who founded an association, visited a hospital in Rome last month and provided various help to children.

With his new step, the actor has shown that he will further increase these aid activities. It is expected that there will be a great interest in the perfumes put up for sale in Italy on the website bearing his name.

While Can Yaman climbs the career ladder step by step, he creates a very good image for himself by making moves that will win hearts.

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