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24 May 2022 09:11


Can Yaman fans will be very impressed with the story of the new series El Turco!

Can Yaman, who gained worldwide fame after the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) TV series, still continues his acting career in Italy. Fans of Can Yaman, who is preparing to come to Turkey soon for the new series he will shoot for Disney Plus, are eagerly waiting for this new process…

Continuing to be on the agenda with every move he makes in Italy, Can Yaman finds “frantic” support on social media by a large fan base all over the world. Fans of the famous game are in great curiosity for the new series called El Turco.

Some information about how it will be a series is being discussed on social media. The series, which is expected to take place during the Ottoman Empire, is also expected to make a great contribution to the promotion of Turkey.

By the way, Can Yaman will come to Turkey soon for the El Turco series he will shoot for Disney Plus, which will start broadcasting in Turkey on June 14. The series, whose script will be written by Kerem Deren, will be shot by Ay Yapım.

The El Turco series, directed by Uluç Bayraktar, who has directed successful TV series such as Ezel, Babil and Karadayı, will take place during the Ottoman siege of Vienna. The series will be adapted from the novel El Turco by historian and writer Orhan Yeniaras. The book tells the unknowns of the Siege of Vienna, which took place during the reign of Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire.

It is also stated that a world-famous actress will accompany Can Yaman in the series El Turco. However, it is still not clear who this name is. It is said that the name that will surprise everyone will be clarified and announced soon.

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