Artists News Can Yaman has written his name in Italian history somehow

Can Yaman has written his name in Italian history somehow


Can Yaman, who has done very important works in Turkey and won the love of millions with his acting performance, started a completely different period in his career by exhibiting abroad. On behalf of Can Yaman, he is one of the first ıactors to become popular with his work in Turkey and move forward by carrying it abroad, which shows the magnitude of his success.

Can Yaman, who chose Italy, which he saw as the closest to him in this process, was also appreciated for his education in an Italian high school and his speaking Italian very well. The fact that the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) series is a production that affects the whole world, and Can Yaman, who suddenly won the love of millions, has now come to a point that also touches the history of Italy.

The famous actor, who made various advertising deals in Italy, acted in some TV series and even established an association to help children, also took a very wide career step by branding his name and launching various products. One of these career steps was the new Disney Plus series called El Turco.

The El Turco series, in which the story of the Janissary soldier Hasan Balaban, who also has a place in Italian history, is told, became one of the most meaningful works in Can Yaman’s acting career. Because with this step, the famous actor has written his name in Italian history in a way.

Sharing the lead role with Greta Ferro in the 6-episode El Turco series of Can Yaman seems to have an impact on his prominence in Italy. It has also been revealed that the work for the El Turco series since the summer period has ended.

Although it is a short series of 6 episodes, a lot of work has been done for the El Turco project and Can Yaman stayed for a long time in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, where the shootings took place.

The El Turco series, shot by an experienced director like Uluç Bayraktar, is awaited with great interest. Let us remind you that besides Can Yaman, Turkish actors Armağan Oğuz and Uğur Yıldıran are also part of this team.

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