Can Yaman is working hard to be even better!..
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8 February 2023 19:43


Can Yaman is working hard to be even better!..

Can Yaman, who has been living in Italy for a long time and has signed many projects in the country, has been in Polermo for a while for his new series project ‘Violet Like the Sea’, which will be shot in Rome and Palermo.

Can Yaman’s new series “Violet Like the Sea” starring Italian actress and model Francesca Chillemi, Simona Tanzini’s Conosci l’estate? Adapted from the novel. The series combines suspense and comedy elements.

Can Yaman, who already speaks Italian very well, took Italian lessons in order to have a better command of the language before the shooting started. The shooting of Violet Like the Sea, which the Italian fans of the actor have been eagerly waiting for, has begun. The following post by Cam Yaman from his Instagram account increased the excitement among Turkish and Italian fans.

Can Yaman’s post, which he wrote in Italian, “Jump to your set and start a new day”, received thousands of likes in a short time on Instagram, which has 8.8 million followers.

The famous actor works hard to be successful. There are also praiseworthy comments on Italian televisions about the actor, who received the reward for his efforts and set a throne in the hearts of Italians.

Italian TV channel TG4 made an interview with the famous actor by shooting on the set of Can Yaman’s series. In the program, words of praise were used for Yaman. Can Yaman also shared the program video with his followers on his Instagram account.

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