Can Yaman made a tango with his mother
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25 March 2023 01:47


Can Yaman made a tango with his mother

The famous actor Can Yaman has started to share more on social media in the recent period. The actor, who has been talking about with his new series, Mr. False, will be on the set for a new production with Özgü Gürel soon. The shooting of the series is planned to begin in June.

Can Yaman publishes quarantine cases from home on social media. The actor shared a video of his tango with his mother today. Yaman said, “My dear tango lessons accelerated with my mother.”

Gülden Yaman, the mother of Can Yaman, took a lot of place in the press of the magazine last year.

His followers made comments stating that they liked the state of the mother and son and made compliments saying “You are very sweet, it looks great”.

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