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21 May 2022 15:07


Can Yaman made such a big decision that the award he received increased his enthusiasm even more!

Famous actor Can Yaman has become very popular both in Turkey, in Italy and in many countries of the world in recent years… The actor, who attracted great attention with the TV series Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) and then Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong), is in Italy, where he has been for 1.5 years. He also did important work.

In addition to his social responsibility projects, Can Yaman, who won hearts with his support for children in need, took one of the most important decisions of his life in this regard… The actor, who attracted great attention with his projects for children, also won an award and had the opportunity to announce his charity activities to wider audiences.

The actor continues to make a name for himself with the awards he has received. Another award has come for the fans to be proud of… Can Yaman, who participated in the Monte Carlo Film Festival, was deemed worthy of an award for his charity activities.

The actor, who founded an association called “Can Yaman For Children”, strives to solve the problems of children in need. Can Yaman, who also visited various hospitals within the scope of this social responsibility project and came together with the children, received a reward for his efforts.

The actor, who was given the award for the international actor who gives the most importance to social responsibility projects, gave his fans great pride once again.

Can Yaman, who became an event with the image of the moments when he got on the helicopter on social media, passed from Rome to Monaco and received his award.

The actor who wore Dolce Gabbana outfits at the Monte Carlo Festival, dazzled with his elegance again.

He, who recently appeared in Italy with a police character in the TV series “Viola come il mare”, also talked about the Disney Plus deal.

Can Yaman, who has made a deal for a new TV series called El Turco, will soon come to Turkey and participate in the shooting.

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