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5 July 2022 11:46


Can Yaman receives an award from Italy! The handsome actor is reaping the fruits of his success!

Can Yaman, who experienced the biggest explosion of his career from the day he left Turkey and went to Italy, added a new one to his successes. Yaman was deemed worthy of an award in Italy.

Can Yaman has a great reputation perhaps more in Italy than in Turkey. Dragging millions of fans after him, whatever Can Yaman does in Italy, it becomes an event. His serials are shown in many countries around the world.

Can Yaman, who left Turkey for the TV series Sandokan to be shot in Italy, has been waiting for the series to be shot ever since. However, while the series did not come to life, it was recently announced that the shooting was postponed to next year.

However, Can Yaman was never idle in this process. Yaman, who first appeared in commercials and social responsibility projects, launched his own perfume. It was stated that the perfume was sold out and the orders could not be reached.

Can Yaman also signed an agreement for the TV series Violet Like The Sea, which will be shot in Italy. Yaman will share the lead role with Italian actress Francesca Chillemi in the series. Meanwhile, in a recent statement, it was announced that Sandokan will be turned into a musical and video game.

After these successes one after the other, Can Yaman won a big award in Italy. Yaman was deemed worthy of the Filming Italy Best Movie Award. The awards will be handed over to their winners at a ceremony to be held in Venice on September 5.

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