Can Yaman shook the country's agenda by breaking records in Italy with his new series!
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2 December 2022 11:08


Can Yaman shook the country’s agenda by breaking records in Italy with his new series!

Can Yaman had a big leap in his career after starring in the TV series Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird). After this series, the actor starred in the series Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong). However, the life of the series was short lived. Yaman, on the other hand, took his breath in Italy, where he was called for a long time! First, he bought it in a pasta advertisement shot by Ferzan Özpetek. Then the deals came one after another.

The news that Can Yaman, who agreed with a production company, will play in the series, officially blew up the Italian fans. The actor made agreements with different brands in Italy for about two years, and took important steps in his career by staying in the country for a long time.

The broadcast of the series, in which Can Yaman played in Italy, was eagerly awaited. Can Yaman, who has been making deals with different brands in the country for two years and also continuing his series work, has come to the fore again with the series, which is counted as days to be published by Italian fans with excitement!

Viola Come Il Mare, starring Can Yaman and broadcast on Canale 5, broke the rating record!

The ratings of the first episode of the series attracted great attention. In Italy, where Can Yaman’s admiration peaked, the first episode of the series managed to break a record with 20.4 rating points!

Can Yaman shares the lead role with Francesca Chillemi in the series where he gives life to the character of policeman Francesco Demir. The launch of the series took place at the Venice Film Festival the other day.

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