Can Yaman's return will be amazing!..
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4 February 2023 13:28


Can Yaman’s return will be amazing!..

Can Yaman, who has been in Italy for a long time, is now settled in Italy. Having signed many agreements in the country, the actress is preparing for the Sandokan project with all his might.

The handsome actor has learned both the name of horse riding lessons and the intricacies of martial arts for the series for months, but the news came that the shooting of the Sandokan project will not be done this year, but has been postponed to next year.

Can Yaman will be on the set for the modern version of Sandokan from February 2022. The actor started preparations. The video shared by Can Yaman on his Instagram account made his fans say that Sandokan with Can Yaman will be magnificent.

It is understood from his sharing that he has applied a strict training program for the series Sandokan, and he is improving his already fit body even more.

Can Yaman will play in English in the new episodes of the Sandokan series, which has achieved great success in more than 85 countries. The handsome actor will thus perform in two consecutive languages, both Italian and English.

Learning the intricacies of martial arts, Can Yaman seems to be extremely ready for the role. The famous actor previously made the following statement in an interview about the Sandokan project; “Training, riding, martial arts. I’m preparing hard. I am in a strong evolution. Now I ride, wield the sword, train.”

The Turkish and Italian fans of the Uyunun, who was observed to be working hard for the project, are looking forward to the series.

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