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5 July 2022 12:57


Caner Cindoruk, the ‘Volkan’ of ‘Sadakatsiz’, took a storm in Spain!..

Caner Cindoruk, one of the leading actors of Kanal D’s popular TV series “Sadakatsiz”, was on the cover of Spain’s Albacete A Mano Magazine.

Caner Cindoruk increased the number of fans abroad, especially with the broadcast of the TV series “Kadın”, in which he gave life to the character of “Sarp”, in different countries. It turned out that Caner Cindoruk’s admiration was quite high, especially in Spain. The broadcast of the TV series “Kadın” on the open channel and at the most watched hour in the country made the actor gain fame in a short time.

The number of Spanish fans of the actor increased after the TV series “Sadakatsiz” was broadcast on Spain’s Antena channel. The Spanish magazine ‘Albacete A Mano’, which did not ignore this admiration, made an interview with the famous actor.

The actor, who also shared the magazine cover with his followers on his Instagram account, thanked the magazine for the interview. We have fulfilled the wishes of many of our readers, We talked with Caner Cindoruk this month.

In the interview, the actor also talked about the character of ‘Volkan’ that he plays, saying, “Volkan actually shows how a man can ruin women’s lives. A character with flaws. It motivates me to play a character with this kind of emotional intensity and transformation.”

Caner Cindoruk shared the lead roles with Cansu Dere and Melis Sezen and said hello to the season with the new episode of the series “Sadakatsiz”, which was broadcast the previous evening. The series became the most watched production of the day by breaking the rating record with the exciting episode aired.

‘Sadakatsiz’ also attracted attention on social media. With the #Sadakatsiz tag, the series ranked 1st in both Turkey and the World list during the night. In addition, it reached quite high numbers of speech on labels such as Asya, Derin, Volkan and Cansu Dere.

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