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24 May 2022 02:41


Cansel Elçin is the newcomer to the Yasak Elma TV series

The Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple) series continues to be broadcast on Monday evenings. The decision was taken for the sixth season of the series, which continued for the fifth season, and preparations began. Berk Oktay, Biran Damla Yılmaz and Murat Aygen also take the leading roles in the series, which was crowned with successful performances by Eda Ece and Şevval Sam.

Şebnem Dönmez, who recently joined the series with the character of Handan, added excitement to the story. After this surprise by the screenwriters to the audience, a new surprise emerged. A master name joins the series, which has so far been in the cast of many actors and uses the actor circulation and story fiction very effectively.

Fans of the Yasak Elma series will be able to see the famous actorCansel Elçin in the story in the upcoming episodes. This new character, which is associated with the character of Handan, will only appear in the story in 2 episodes.

Cansel Elçin will thus join the cast of the Yasak Elma series. According to the story, Handan’s character began to enter the life of her ex-husband Doğan, through her daughter Kumru, when she was out of money.

After this development, which caused an increase in intrigue, it is expected with great interest how Cansel Elçin will contribute to the series. Viewers had watched Cansel Elçin’s last series called Börü 2039, which was broadcast on Blu TV. The actor was on television last season in the project called Sol Yanım, which lasted 12 episodes.

Yasak Elma, which is expected to make the season finale at the end of May, again achieves very successful ratings and continues to connect millions to itself.

In the new episode of the series, the viewers want Doğan, who values ​​Yıldız so much, not to deteriorate. Yıldız, who is getting ready to turn a corner from Çağatay’s reunion proposal, let’s see if she will continue with Doğan, according to the wishes of the audience. The audience is eagerly waiting for the new episodes in the exciting story of the series.

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